Mechanical Booster Pump MBS-053
Toots type / Display by Actual Pumping Speed / With protective functions


It is a small type of a root type vacuum pump. It is a pressure range where the pumping speed of a backing pump decreases, and the steep rise of pumping speed.
Can run it with the rotating speed that is the optimum which accepted load of a pump by using DC brushless motor, and can pump it from atmospheric pressure.
No oil leakage by adoption of magnet coupling.
Mechanical loss is fallen sharply, because the seal inside a pump adopts a non-contact seal. (Power consumption reduces by about 60% compared with the old model.)
Setting of a driver circuit is necessary in 100V system and 200V system.


Ideal main pump to support pumping speed of backing pump.

  Unit MBS-053
Actual Pumping Speed*1 m3/h 50
Ultimate pressure*2 Pa

4.0 × 10-2

Motor   DC brushless motor, 200W
Power supply specifications *3   Single phase 100–120V / 200–240V (50/60Hz)
Nominal speed r/min 3500
Current A 1.2 (Single phase 100V) / 0.8 (Single phase 200V) ; Ultimate pressure
4.33 (Single phase 100V) / 2.54 (Single phase 200V) ; Full load
Power consumption W 50 ; Ultimate pressure
250 ; Full load
Oil capacity mL 70
Recommended oil   SMR-200
Weight kg 11.0
Inlet flange size   JIS VG-40
Outlet flange size   JIS VF-40
Backing pump   Oil sealed rotary vacuum pump 130–240L/min
Ambient temperature °C 0 – 40
Overall dimensions mm 167(W) × 410(L) × 130(H)
*1 : Pumping speed varies depends on pumping speed of backing pump.
*2 : Measured by ionization vacuum gauge. Ultimate pressure varies depends on ultimate pressure of backing pump.
*3 : The power plug and the power cord are not attached.

1. Cannot use mechanical booster vacuum pump with a unit, and combine it with a backing vacuum pump (Fore Pump) by all means.
2. Mechanical Booster Pump becomes design to use in an inline.
Fix flange of the outlet side, and install a pump in this flange.
3. Since pump oil bubbles at the time of starting when not operating initial operation and for a long period of time, please perform the exhaust gas for degassing with a backing vacuum pump.
4. Since operation in the atmospheric pressure neighborhood becomes the same grade as the exhaust speed of a backing vacuum pump, the feature of a booster is not demonstrated.
5. If pump oil exceeds the amount of regulations, oil will go into a rotor indoor part.
6. Please be sure to check that power supply voltage has agreed with the setting voltage of a pump.
7. The base for pump installations is not equipped. It becomes flange fixation.
8. The handle for pump carrying is not equipped.
9. Power cable and Unplug-preventive hardware is optional parts.
10. A periodical maintenance is required for consumables.

Outline Drawing

Compression Ratio Property

Pumping Speed Curves



Name Type Applications
Power cable
for 100-120V, with plug
with Unplug-preventive hardware
Power cable
for 100-120V
with Unplug-preventive hardware
Power cable
for 200-240V, with plug
with Unplug-preventive hardware
Power cable
for 200-240V
with Unplug-preventive hardware
Unplug-preventive hardware
for 100-120V
single article
Unplug-preventive hardware
for 200-240V
single article
Electric voltage change connector
for 100-120V (red)
for 100V range, standard accessories *
Electric voltage change connector
for 200-240V (blue)
for 200V range, standard accessories *
Vacuum pump oil
70mL, standard accessories
*The specified electric voltage change connector is equipped in the case of pump purchase.

Optional Voltage
Voltage Applicable Volt CE Marked TUV Marked cTUVus Marked
Single phase, 100-120V Standard
Single phase, 200-240V Standard

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