Direct Drive Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps GLD-280A
Two-stage / terminal only (without cord) / Without thermal protector


GLD series features high performance, low vibration and noise and several functions such as gas ballast valve, oil-back-flow prevention mechanism, and large sized oil level gauge. This series equips multi-voltage motor and correspondent to international standard.


Chemical, science experiment, Analyzer and Laser system.
Backing pumps for SEM.
Semiconductor equipments, sputtering equipments, vacuum evaporation equipments.
Vacuum dryer, freeze dryer.

  Unit 50Hz 60Hz
Actual Pumping Speed L/min 280 336
Ultimate pressure Pa

0.67 (G.V. closed)
6.7 (G.V. open)

Motor   Three phase, 200-240V/380-460V, 750W, 4 poles
Full load current A 3.6 (200V), 3.7 (220V)
4.0(230V), 4.2 (240V)
2.1 (380V), 2.3 (400V)
2.4 (415V)
3.3 (200V), 3.2 (220V)
3.2 (230V), 3.2 (240V)
1.9 (380V), 1.9 (400V)
1.9 (440V), 2.0 (460V)
Oil capacity mL 700 – 1,100
Recommended oil   R-7
Weight kg 34.5
Inlet port diameter mm KF-25
Ambient temperature °C 7 – 40
Overall dimensions mm 181(W) x 536(L) x 269(H)
*Ultimate pressure is measured by Pirani gauge.

1. Oil is deteriorated with operating, and becomes the factor of performance shortage.
A decrease and the dirt of oil are confirmed, and please regularly add and replace it.
2. A backflow preventer is incorporated into the pump to prevent the oil from flowing back while the pump is stopped.
Please make a suction side into atmospheric pressure when the pump is stopped for a long time.
3. If operation is performed at high pressure, oil mist is generated at the exhaust side.
4. This pump is not provided with a protective device. Therefore when connecting the motor to the power source, be sure to connect an overload protector.
5. It is not suitable for the pump if operation is performed continuously at a high evacuation pressure of 10kPa or more.
6. There is a risk of explosion. Never block the outlet or operate the pump with equipment mounted at the outlet side that blocks the passage of gas.
Otherwise, the internal pump pressure increases causing the pump to explode, the oil level gauge to protrude or the motor to be overloaded.

Outline Drawing

Pumping Speed Curves


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Optional Voltage
Voltage Applicable Volt CE Marked TUV Marked cTUVus Marked
Three phase, 200-240V Standard
Three phase, 380-460V Standard

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