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Oil-mist traps are designed to trap oil mist during the operation of an oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump and return it to the pumps oil reservoir. These traps are particularly effective when operating the pump at high pressure causing excessive oil misting from the pumps exhaust.
Exchange of only an element (filter) is also possible.
Units: mm
Model Applicable models A B C
GHD-031, GLD-040, GLD-051
G3/4 dia. 65 93
G-101D, GHD-100
G1 dia. 113 135
GLD-137AA, GLD-137CC, GLD-202AA, GLD-202BB
G1 dia. 113 135

In-line Trap
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Pipe connection-type oil-mist trap. When the pipe is connected, the suction gas can be discharged into the exhaust duct. When the pipe is connected, it can be used as a normal oil-mist trap if the top cap is attached.
Exchange of only an element (filter) is also possible.
Units: mm
Model Applicable models A B C D E F
G-101D, GHD-100
G1 dia. 94 166 177 G1 P-50
GLD-137AA, GLD-137CC
GLD-202AA, GLD-202BB
G1 dia. 116 166 178 G1 P-50

Adapter for Oil-mist Trap
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Used to change screw diameter G3/4 to G1 when you want to put an Oil-mist trap (OMT, OMI) on your exhaust port screw G3/4 pump.

Type of adaptor Applicable models Adaptive oil-mist traps
G3/4male x G1 female
GLD-040, GLD-051, GHD-031

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Model Applicable models
Element for OMT-050A
OMT-050A, OMT-050*
Element for OMT-100A
OMT-100A, OMT-100*, OMI-100
Element for OMT-200A
OMT-200A, OMT-200*, OMI-200
*: This is a former model, however, common elements are used.

Oil-mist Separator [Anti-corrosive]
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The main housing of this product is made of stainless steel and uses a filter element made of glass wool.
KF-25 clamp and Centerring needed for installation.
Since this is a closed type structure, the filter cannot be changed.
Units: mm
Models Applicable models A B C D E
KF-25 dia. 66 116 148 dia. 74
GCD-136X, GCD-201X
KF-25 dia. 90 140.5 173 dia. 99

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