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An adaptor used to replace a KF-25 suction pipe with M20 female.
You can use KF-25 adaptor on KF-25 suction pipe devices without removing the standard suction pipe.
Applicable suction pipes
Hose port suction pipe (dia.8, dia.12, dia.15, dia.18, dia.22), A-type suction pipe / B-type suction pipe / C-type suction type

  Applicable models
40 mm sq Adapter G-101D, GLD-040, GLD-051, GCD-051X
50 mm sq Adapter GHD-100, GLD-137AA, GLD-137CC, GLD-202AA
GLD-202BB, GLD-280A, GLD-280B, GCD-136X
KF-25 Adapter G-101D, GHD-100, GLD-040, GLD-051
GLD-137AA, GLD-137CC, GLD-202AA
GLD-202BB, GLD-280A, GLD-280B
GCD-051X, GCD-136X, GCD-201X

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